Friday, May 1, 2015

Wildcats Lesson Reflection

source Erin Byrd
Erin Byrd:
All-in-all I am incredibly proud of our presentation.  In honest reflection, I think that we could change a few things to make the presentation more interactive for the audience.  It may be a good idea to do an actual video of the class or students creating their Truffula trees or discussing their ideas for their own Google Presentations.  I think that we could have perhaps met at one of the schools we have all been observing or tutoring in and do an actual activity and video it.  Other than that, I feel that we all worked well together on this lesson and presentation.  I feel that we touched on all of the important topics covering our lesson plan and that we did an excellent job of allowing our peers to become part of our experience.

Megan Shoultz:
Over the past few weeks I found that our presentation was going to be amazing. With all the time and effort that we have contributed to this project, I feel that we, collaboratively, have created a thorough and effective lesson plan. I believe we could have improved upon our presentation by adding some short clips of our actual video taped. I would have also liked to have added a piece of the soundtrack from the movie. All of the topics that have been covered by our lesson plan will allow teachers and students learn more about their environment and how to keep it healthy and clean for the future generations. As a group I feel we were able to work together and cooperate.

Tabatha Girdlestone
In general I am pleased with our presentation. I think I would add more content to our presentation if we were to present again. If we were to add video clips of students actually working in groups, making Truffula Trees, and giving presentations then our presentation would have been more relatable for our audience. Overall I am pleased with our lesson and how our group worked together in our presentation.

Final Reflection Blog Post

Final Reflection Video

Monday, April 27, 2015

Technology and Teaching

Before taking EDM 310, I hadn't really thought much about how I was going to incorporate technology into my classroom.  I have children of elementary school age as well as secondary school age.  I have watched them progress rapidly over the past few years in their own technological education.  Honestly, my nine year old knew how to use Google Docs before I did.  I am now planning on using several different technological tools in my classroom.  I am excited to incorporate technology into my every day teaching regimen.  I think that it is really important for us as educators to stay current and in good understanding of the new technological advances in education.  I plan on creating most of my lesson plans with the SMARTboard.  I think that it in itself is a fabulous tool for both myself and my students.  I also plan on allowing my students to maintain a classroom blog so that they can share what they are learning with family, friends and other classes.  I will be using technology as much as possible in my classroom.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wildcats Project 16 Blog Post

This project was done in collaboration with Megan Schoultz and Tabatha Ghirdlestone

Project 16 Group Blog Post
Using Technology in the Classroom
Using a Project-Based Approach to Learning in the Classroom


Using technology in schools is very important.  Students today rely on technology to do a good percentage of their classwork.  In doing this, the classroom is taken beyond four walls.  Teachers can invite other classes from around the world into their own by simply Skyping.  Blogs are also a creative way to incorporate technology in school as well as in the home.  Teachers and students can blog about what they are learning and then parents, friends, and family can read all about it.  I think it is a good way to get parents more involved and active in what is going on in the classroom.
Using technology in the classroom engages students and teachers to expand their search for new ways to create and learn. By using the internet teachers and students are able to broaden their research beyond the books and people that surround them. This also opens up opportunities to project-based learning in the classroom.
Project-based learning in the classroom is a different approach to the normal lecture and reading type of learning. Project-based learning is a fun and interactive way for students to learn and complete assignments. Along the way, students are not just completing assignments, they are learning life skills. Students are allowed to explore and discover new information on a topic by using the internet, create projects, and learn how to apply resources all within project-based learning. Project-based learning allows students to take learning into their own hands.

Blog Post 14

Problem: Professionalizing Teachers
Solution: Academic training, better recruiting or selection of teachers, proper compensation

Problem: Seniority Distraction
Solution: Terminating the least effective, demanding a knowledge base, formal set of peer relations, supervised internships, examinations

Problem: Radical Change
Solution: Merit-based career ladders, teachers board to police the profession, promotions based on specialty exams,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNHc-OUb97tiqTwXSREDiIKUIpEDBg&ust=1430190894617614

I am entering my senior year of college now.  I am really looking forward to fulfilling my dream of being an educator, a teacher!  However, I am nervous about the process.  I have several friends that are already teachers in public and private schools.  I know that for some of them it has been a great struggle to keep their position.  This is not due to their performance or their ability.  Most of them do not have tenure.  I only have a few friends that have received tenure and are not in danger any longer of being pink slipped at the end of the school year.  This frightens me to no end!  I love teaching! I want to teach!  I am going to school to learn all that I can to be a good and efficient teacher. BUT, that is not where this journey ends!  To be a great teacher these days, you have to know the right people, have connections, get great references, not create enemies with parents or students that you have taught in the past....the list goes on.  For today's teachers, you must walk a very fine line.  That line is riddled with rules and expectations.  None of which are actually taught to us in our own educational path to become teachers mind you.  I agree with Albert Shanker in that we need to create a system in which teachers are promoted or not promoted due to their ability not their time.  I am older than most of the students I call my peers here.  I am older than most of my friends that are already teachers.  This does not mean that I know more or that I am more capable of being a teacher.  My point being, just because a teacher has been teaching for more than 5 years, does not mean that they are still effective or even good.  It just means that they have done a good job for who they report to.  I know of a few teachers that are way behind the technological times and they need to be re-educated on these things.  I know of a few teachers that struggle when doing anything remotely technological.  They simply have not had the instruction.  I think that teachers should be required just like doctors and lawyers and even nurses to maintain a certain criteria and a level of excellence.  I think that we should, as educators be responsible for keeping ourselves up to date on current technology as well as methods of instruction.

Blog Post #5 Part 2

Since the beginning of the semester, I have increased my usage of several of my social media pages.  I have become more familiar with Twitter and feel more comfortable using it.  Instead of using Facebook just for personal posts, I have started using it to find topics and pages about current events and other topics.  I think that these are powerful tools for us to utilize.  We can get other people to give their opinions and ideas.  I am using Symbaloo but I have not really gotten into using it as much as I would like.  There are so many tools to use and I am still trying to find time to get used to them all.
There are always going to be new and innovative tools and websites to use for us both personally and in business.  In our cases, education, can be so much more engaging when we use the internet and allow students to explore the wide world via technology.


C4K Pearce H

This young man has some interesting views.

Mrs. Erin Byrd (Guest)
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I think it is always important to be kind. You can critique someone else’s work without insulting them or hurting their feelings. There is no reason to be cruel. Honestly, I think it is more efficient and more effective when you are being kind in giving a peer review. Sometimes people let their emotions get in the way when they are commenting and in turn, they end up making a seemingly innocent comment a huge insult. 

I think this is a great post. Keep up the good work.

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